The idea of a band that play's music that few bands play nor heard on the radio much these
  day's was the premise of The Steel Silk Band. The band was founded in early 2014 with the
  intent of performing some of the top songs from some of the biggest artist's from the 60's to

  The band is comprised of 11 of some of the top musicians & vocalists from the New York area.
  with each member bringing energy & accuracy to each song. Steel Silk can be configured with
  3 to 5 lead vocalists depending on your entertainment needs.

  Steel Silk is sure you will be surprised at what your hearing,so get ready to bring back some of
  your fondest memories of yester-year. Covering songs from classic rock-motown-R&B-pop-
  country & much more.

  Some of the artist's we cover are Billy Joel, Whitney Houston, Styx, Stevie Nicks and
  Donna Summer.

  You never know what you'll hear from The Steel Silk Band


 Vocals : Nicole C.

 Nicole joins Steel Silk as a new vocalist to the Long Island scene. Even though young,her vocal talent
 & enthusiasm for music goes beyond some of the pros. Nicole studied music at Muhlenberg College.
 A few of Nicole's inspirations are Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson & Nina Simone.

 Vocals: Mike Z.

 Mike's love of music goes way back to the days of vinyl records when he was only knee high. A vocal
 tone of Billy Joel & Dennis DeYoung, Mike can bring it with the best of them.

 A graduate of the Mark Twain School of Music back in the 70s & also wrote & composed original songs
 on the piano while flirting with a bit of trombone.

 Guitar / Vocals : Steve J.

 Steve has been playing the guitar for nearly forty years. Primarily a rock/pop player his influences include
 all the classic R&R bands, as well as R&B, Pop, and Contemporary Music.

 He has performed hundreds of shows with many well know bands on the NYC and Long Island club
 circuit for decades.

 Drums : Tom P.
 Playing drums since Christmas morning 1968, Tom Pantaleo has played on just about every kind of musical
 stage there is, small bars, huge arenas, weddings and even a gig on a moving train! Tom is also a well
 recorded drummer, working as a studio musician and appearing on three albums with his band Quickdraw,
 who toured with many top country acts.

 Tom is also known as Rocky in 102.3 WBAB, and can be heard on many local and national commercials.

 Sax : Mike P.
 Mike joins ssb with a ton of experience,not only does he play 13 different instruments but has performed
 at Lincoln Center,Carnagie Hall & several top clubs in the NY area. Mike is also a music teacher,
 composer & arranger. Mike will not only be covering the sax for SSB but whatever else it will take to
 make the songs sound like the songs you forgot you love.

 Piano & Keyboards : Nick T.
 Nick Troiani was born and raised in NY. His early piano influences include Billy Joel and Elton John.
 He is excited to be part of The Steel Silk Band. Nick is currently working as a high school music teacher
 and when he’s not gigging with Steel Silk he plays with the tribute band BonJourneyNY and Rusty Spur.

 Bass : Darrin G.
 Performing for audiences for over 30 years, Darrin started on the LI club circuit in the 80's and has had
 the pleasure of playing a wide range of venues throughout the Tri-State region. Some of his favorite stages
 included CBGB's, the Paramount and those along the Bleecker Street strip.

 After receiving his degree in music, he developed a deep appreciation for all genres of music, drawing
 influence from everything, ranging from classic 70's fusion, disco and rock to today's alternative and
 electronic dance music.